Workshops are conducted by KMEA educators: Sue Lou Smith, Cara Guth and Meredith Hyatt Lewis. We work in small groups for 45 minutes weekly on all aspects of the audition along with the scoring rubric. We are able to really work on tone quality, vowel/diction and rhythm accuracy in this type of setting. Students who participated last year had wonderful auditions and most students who participated made the respective choirs.


W have a sound technician come for the auditions to record students on high quality equipment and the quality is very good. There is an additional recording fee to cover those costs. In no way are recordings enhanced. The sound technician then sends the appropriate MP3 file to each individual teacher for you to upload on the KMEA website with their audition information.

Kentucky Children’s Chorus

Grades 5 & 6

Kentucky High School All State Workshops

Not available at this time.

Kentucky Junior High Chorus

Grades 7, 8 & 9


The Kentucky Music Educators Association conducts All State Choir Auditions each fall for Kentucky Children’s Chorus, Kentucky Junior High Chorus and High School All State Choruses. The audition process is difficult and hundreds of students audition across the state. These workshops are intended to help better prepare students in each area of the audition process to be able to have a stellar audition and score the highest possible score they can. We also have a professional recording done in the case of KCC & KJH and hold that audition on site for an additional fee to cover recording costs. Recordings are submitted to the Music teacher at each student’s school for audition submission. *KMEA School fees for the audition are due to the school/teacher submitting the auditions