**You Will Not Be Registered Until You Pay At Time Of Registration**

Authorization Agreement

By filling out and sending the Registration Form above I am registering my child with the Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts. I agree to pay monthly tuition by way of ACH Bank draft or Credit Card Automatic Payments. I agree to notify Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts on the 15th of the month prior to ceasing lessons in order for ACH payments to stop and a new student to fill my child’s vacancy. I agree to pay a $25 Fee for invalid ACH transactions, which apply to invalid account information or insufficient funds. Registration Fee and ACH Form is due at the time of Registration. Tuition will not begin until a time slot is available for your child. Registration Fees are Non-Refundable and place your child on our waiting list or in the appropriate class being registered for.

Click The Link to View the PDF, Print and Email the Signed the Document to Meredith at the Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts!

Recurring Payment Authorization Form