for our Children’s Theater Production of this classic Christmas Play!

Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts, Inc. is proud to present theater classes, camps and productions for children ages 7-17 in Anderson and surrounding counties!  We were thrilled to present our first production, Best Christmas Pageant Ever,  in December of 2018.   Our first  Children’s Theater musical production followed in 2019!  Macy’s “Yes Virginia, the Musical”  was a huge hit with the community and our first school performances for Elementary & Middle school students in Anderson County Schools!  Due to Covid-19 our rotation back to the classic “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” was postponed to this year.  We will continue to rotate this timeless classic into our production rotation every other year.  

AUDITIONS COMING IN AUGUST 2021:  Auditions will be held at Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts, 106 College Street August 23 & 24th from 6:00-8:00 each night.  Callbacks will be Announced at the conclusion of auditions and the date will be posted with the callback list.  Those auditioning only need to come one night of auditions.  Students will be asked to sing a simple melody and read from the script.  Only students notified after auditions will be needed to return for Callbacks.  Auditions are closed to parents.  You will register your children, be given instructions and dismissed until 8:00 pm when you can return to pick up your child.  Auditions are open to children in Grades 1-12.  Boy and girl roles including children & adult characters as well as a singing “Angel Choir” will be cast.  This show will cast 20 plus students.  

Get your children involved in Lawrenceburg Children’s Theater!   It’s amazing what kids can do when we give them the tools!



Upcoming Workshops:

So You Wanna Be on Stage Part I
Introduction to Theatre


April 9, 4:15-6:15        Ages 7-10 (Section 1) 
April 13, 9:00-11:00   Ages 11-13 (Section 2)


What is theatre? This is an introduction to what theatre actually is. Students will learn what the art of theatre is and how observing the world around them helps create a great actor.  Through games and exercises the student will learn how to develop self-esteem, one of the key elements to performing in front of others. They will also learn how to work in a group to complete tasks and learn how to develop their imagination, concentration and creativity, all resources that everyone has within them.


So You Wanna Be on Stage Part II
Taking the Stage
Ages 7-10 (Section 1)
Ages 11-13 (Section 2)

COST: $35

    So You Wanna Be on the Stage Part II/Section 1 (Ages 7-10)

               So You Wanna Be on the Stage Part II/Section 2 (Ages 11-13)

Stage terminology – learn your left from your right and your right from your left.

Acting technique – learn all about body positions, developing your voice, and how to move effectively on stage.
Role playing and introduction to improvisation – through games and exercises the student will learn how to become someone else through role playing and create a scene where there once was none. This class builds upon Introduction to Theatre and unless the student has had prior experience in developing their self-esteem, they might find this class a little intimidating.

So You Wanna Audition for a Show
Ages 7 – 13

COST: $35

  Audition Workshop (Ages 7-13)

Learn how to ace that audition by projecting confidence and learning how to “read” a script the first time. Learn how to communicate with other actors during the audition as well as proper audition etiquette.  Students will also learn the ins and outs of choosing a monologue and song for auditions, as well as proper rehearsal etiquette.

Movement For The Stage
Ages 7 – 13

COST: $35

   Movement For The Stage (Ages 7-13)

Through games, exercises and actual dance movement students will learn the basic dance steps typically given at auditions and learn how to present yourself with poise and personality that will help you stand out from the others.

All workshop classes are held at Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts, 106 College Street in downtown Lawrenceburg. Students may ride the bus for after school workshops and can receive a temporary bus pass from their school office. They will need a note and bus pass each week they attend a workshop.

Students must be signed out by parents at the end of each workshops designated dismissal time. A separate information sheet with allergy’s, emergency contact and other information will be sent prior to the workshop and must be returned to LAPA or your child will not be able to attend.